Mouni roy hat girl

After all, stealing the groom’s shoes and getting his money is a very real thing!We know where Anisha Padukone and Alia Bhatt are going to be during the wedding. Not only is he going to make sure he has a louder than life presence at the wedding, he will also make it a point to subtly tell everyone he is extremely wealthy and probably owns more than everyone present.All evidence points toward Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the man who played the director in this epic love story.It is always important to have that one friend (married or not) who has more than a bag full of tips on what to do and how to do what you are doing at your honeymoon.Check out this list of actors who have played the role of army officers so well, it looks like they have a backup career plan ready and waiting., one of the best war movies to date, Dharmendra played the role of Captain Bahadur Singh to perfection.Based on the Sino India War of 1962, this movie was one of the first times Dharmendra played the role of a soldier.

Just like you, Deepika Padukone has more than enough siblings waiting to empty Ranveer’s pockets.

These are the best kind of guests to have at a wedding.

With moves that can kill, these people make sure not just them, but everyone at the wedding is having a blast. These are the ones you have to be a tad bit wary of during the wedding.

If you spot him, make sure you have at least one conversation with him (just for a laugh, of course.) Incidentally, it is going to be the entire film fraternity during Deep Veer’s wedding.

Just like you have you have that one brother who is always watching your back, so does this bride.

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