Jung ryeo won and daniel henney dating

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no offense, but like form her old pic that was only bcuz she was young and when you're younger, ur eyes are different -- you look a lil different, but then she grew up and i BET you her eyes grew to fit her now and now she has a double fold. well...i can't really prove that its her acc..from the pics that she posted..i think that it could reallyy be her..its not those pics that you see in posters..she even have blogs..one of it actually writes about her journey in Europe..she has all da pics about her going for a Europe vacation with her fren..it also has pics about her old frens..you really wanna find out yourself..can just go check her friendster acc...

i like her even in MNIKSS, she's a good cahracter in MNIKSS..

And if i could have plastic surgery and end up looking like jeong ryeo won..gosh, i WILL do it!!!!!!! is she gonna make any more series with daniel henney. JRW is very much fitted to her character as Boksil and I like her to be with KRW on and off the camera Yes, she got a haircut, cos she needs to act 2 different roles in this soap opera (which planet do you come from)from official website : by malisa, 21 July 2006 - AM.

U r sooo lucki to have met her..heard that she is very warm in real life from several pple there's no proof whatsoever. her she "supposedly" got double fold on her right.. i think she looks so sweet in pretty in My Lovely Sam Soon....plastic surgery or not..looks great..has this very sweet and innocent look...i am not sure whether this has been mentioned before..she actually has a friendster account..those of you who have friendster's account you can actually search for her..nick is under ryeowonlove...daniel henney is in her friend's list as well..his friendster is not open to everyone's viewing..go check it out...i have managed to add her as my friend...

i saw her in real life in korea and she was BEAUTIFUL. the way she was laughing and treating people (especially the old people), she just seemed to... she's the kind of girl that a guy could marry, and she would make that guy happy.

i thought she was merely pretty in TV, but in real life, i was blown away. ever since i saw her in person, i've actually grown obsessed with her. you could tell she was truly kind (i saw some other korean actresses in person and none of them really left an impression on me). Chakra's album photo by ttenovy, 03 April 2006 - PM.

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