Consolidating aperture 3 library Cam paypal pay

I found a couple of small projects which had inexplicably not relocated.

You can do this by selecting "Photos" in Aperture's Library view, and then changing to list view, sort on the "badge" column. your photos are in the managed Aperture Library as a starting point.

Finally, a slightly different issue, but with respect to the RAW/JPEG pairs, is there any easy way in Aperture to delete the JPEGs or the photos that are not be using as the original (whether JPEG or RAW)? In Aperture I "relocated originals" from the file menu to create a folder structure of image files on an external drive.When I purchased my first Mac several years ago, Apple transferred my PC data to the Mac, including my pictures.They imported everything into i Photo and set it up as a managed library.I have about 5000 photos in i Photo, almost all of which are jpegs.I have far fewer images in Aperture, but these are mostly RAW & JPEG pairs (most with RAW as the original, but some with jpeg as the original).

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